Case Highlights: Complex Business Litigation

New York

New York, New York:  The Firm obtained a Federal Court ruling that clientís lawsuit for breach of derivative petroleum contracts was not subject to dismissal on defendantsí contention that contract was an illegal "futures" contract under the Commodities Futures Act. Multi-million dollar settlement ensued. Knight Enterprises, et al. v. Metallgesellschaft A.G., et al.

Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C.: The Firm represented defendant NACA, a nationwide non-profit housing services and community advocacy organization involved in assisting low and moderate income families with access to credit. Suit was filed against NACA on several legal theories in a verified complaint containing some 217 paragraphs of allegations.  The Firmís motion to dismiss the complaint filed on NACA's behalf was granted before the initial scheduling conference for the case. Plaintiff's subsequent motions to reconsider the order of dismissal in favor of NACA were denied. Brown v. Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America ("NACA") et al.


California: The Firm obtained a ruling affirming a partiesí rights under a buy-out contract, thereby restoring terms of a multi-million dollar deal.  The Firm represented founders of a biotech company when a pharmaceutical company buyer repudiated the buy-out agreement within weeks of consummation of an intellectual property transfer. Thompson v. Houghton Pharmaceutical, et al.