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The Firm Files Class Action Complaint Against Marriott International

On September 4, 2009, the Firm filed a three count class action complaint against Marriott International and Host Hotels and Resorts. (Click here to read the complaint). This action is being brought by former employees of Marriott and Host Hotels (as well as past Marriott entities such as Hot Shoppes, Roy Rogers, Big Boy Restaurants, and Gino’s Restaurants) who were awarded yearly deferred stock bonus awards prior to October 8, 1993, by which Marriott obligated itself to issue stock to employees over a ten-year period when they turned 65 years of age, took early retirement, became permanently disabled, or died. The purpose of these awards was to reward superior performance and to entice employees to remain with Marriott. Marriott’s obligations were set forth in documents called, “Deferred Stock Bonus Certificate[s]” and “Deferred Stock Bonus Award[s].” Marriott is now failing to honor the Certificates by issuing a lesser amount of deferred stock than is rightfully due under the terms of the Certificates. So, if you were issued “Deferred Stock Bonus Certificates” or “Deferred Stock Bonus Awards” by Marriott and/or Marriott entities such as Hot Shoppes, Roy Rogers, Big Boy Restaurants, and Gino’s Restaurants in the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, and/or early 1990’s, and have not been paid the full amount you are entitled upon your retirement, you have claims against Marriott.

Because of the growth of Marriott’s Stock over the years, a lot of money is at stake. Marriott’s own website boasts that an original $1,025 investment in Marriott stock made on March 22, 1953, was worth $4,000,000.00 as of March 22, 2008. ( Our representation of your claims is on a full contingency basis. If we do not recover for you, we receive nothing, and you will not be liable for any costs we occur in bringing and maintaining the action.

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