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William H. Bode addresses petroleum industry insiders at Ultra-Low Sulfur

On November 10, 2005, Mr. Bode addressed the Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Implementation Workshop in Phoenix, Arizona. Speaking on behalf of the Independent Liquid Terminals Association to over 500 attendees from all segments of the petroleum industry, Mr. Bode identified the challenges and legal issues confronting the industry as it attempts to meet the stringent new Ultra-low sulfur diesel requirements next year. Mr. Bode reviewed the EPA's enforcement regime and guidelines, and presented various scenarios that are likely to generate disputes. Mr. Bode advised the stake-holders in the process - refiners, pipelines, terminal operators, marketers, and trucking companies - to identify in advance the likely areas of dispute and to develop written protocols to resolve them. The ULSD Workshop was hosted by the American Petroleum Industry, the American Trucking Association, the Environmental Protection Agency, and over eleven other petroleum associations.

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